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1. JAVA Development Engineer

       Job Responsibilities:

① To get involved in the needs analysis and design of development projects;

② To independently complete the development, commissioning and unit testing of subsystems or modules;

③ To prepare relevant design and development documents according to specifications.


① Proficient in JAVA language, and more than 5 years of java development experience;

② Familiar with commonly used MVC frameworks (spring, hibernate, ibatis, etc.), and persons with a certain architecture experience preferred;

③ Familiar with HTML, JavaScript and XML programming;

④ Proficient in jquery, ajax, html5, css and other related technologies;

⑤ With good communication skills, self-learning ability, self-management capacity and high sense of responsibility.

       The priority is given to the perons meeting the following conditions:

① With CDN and video website development experience;

② Familiar with cloud computing, distributed system and cluster deployment;

③ With experience in shell / python programming.

2. Front-end Development Engineer

       Job Responsibilities:

① Responsible for iterative development, performance and experience optimization of web pages;

② To solve compatibility style issues of mainstream browsers;

③ To assist with the research and selection of project front-end architecture;

④ To research and use new front-end technologies.


① University degree or above;

② 2-year experience in front-end development of Internet companies;

③ Skilled in front-end web technologies, including application of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX and other front-end technologies;

④ Familiar with AngularJS technology;

⑤ Able to skillfully resolve compatibility issues among different browsers and different versions;

⑥ Familiar with the development environment of Linux system;

⑦ With excellent communication and coordination skills, strong teamwork spirit and execution, and affordable to work under pressure;

⑧ Persons familiar with HTML5 and CSS3 technologies preferred.

3. Project Management Engineer

       Job Responsibilities:

① To lead the continuous optimization of project / department processes, systems and norms, and monitor the implementation;

② Responsible for convening and recording project-related meetings;

③ To coordinate the communication inside and outside the department and collaborate with various roles to promote smooth progress of projects;

④ Responsible for project progress tracking and version management;

⑤ To prepare project-related summary reports or slide presentations;

⑥ To complete other work arranged by leaders and track and implement important matters.


① Cheerful, with excellent learning, communication and coordination skills, as well as good sense of teamwork;

② With a good ability to prepare documents, familiar with Word, Excel, PPT, Visio and Project and other office software;

③ Persons passing PMP preferred;

④ Persons with CMMI process management experience preferred.

       We can cultivate any person with will, ideals and motivation.

4. Network Delivery Engineer

       Job Responsibilities:

① Responsible for needs assessment and gathering relating to the self-built engine room;

② Responsible for specifications and deployment implementation relating to the self-built engine room;

③ Responsible for management systems relating to the self-built engine room;

④ Responsible for site selection when hiring other room equipment and network tuning;

⑤ Responsible for management, use and maintenance of network equipment in the engine room;

⑥ To participate in engine room equipment selection, visits and business follow-up;

⑦ Responsible for preparing project delivery implementation plans, jointly debugging technical reports, commissioning technical reports, product requirements documentation, training documentation, system maintenance documentation, project delivery review meeting minutes, etc;

⑧ To meet travel requirements of the work according to project needs;

⑨ To complete other tasks assigned by the leaders.


① Familiar with the selection and commissioning of Cisco, Huawei, juniper and other network equipment;

② Proficient in TCP / IP principle, and familiar with a variety of network layer routing technologies, two- and three-layer LAN technologies, firewalls and network security related knowledge;

③ Familiar with data center solutions from such leading vendors in the industry as Cisco / EMC / HP / IBM / Vmware / Citrix / Microsoft / and others;

④ Familiar with related processes of system development, network construction and infrastructure, and with project planning and implementation capacity;

⑤ Persons familiar with VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServe or Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualization technology preferred.


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